Asian OCR Championship 2019

Asian OCR Championship 2019

The 2nd Asian OCR Championship 2019 was held on July 27-28 at the Quirino Grandstand.

The Asian OCR Championship uses a band system, where you start the race with 5 bands, and for every one obstacle you fail, they’ll cut off 1 band.

Depending on the number of bands you have, you’ll be required to complete a penalty loop for every band you lose.

Even though it was a flat 5km course, the obstacles were challenging. As you can see from the video, many others including myself have a tough time overcoming the wrap wall. Note that you will have to give up one band if you are unable to overcome this obstacle.

Here’s a video of the entire race filmed using my GoPro!

The Asian OCR Championship 2019

If you enjoy the band the system, do check out my interview with the conquer challenge! They are a local obstacle race event based in the Philippines.


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