Scoliosis Spartan Racer | Singapore | Chris

Scoliosis Spartan Racer | Singapore | Chris

Scoliosis & Complete ACL Tear

At a young age, Chris had to deal with Scoliosis, a medical condition that occurs in about 3% of people in which a person’s spine has a sideways curve. Then in 2017, he got into an accident, which resulted in a complete tear of his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Scoliosis Spartan

After 2 years of rehabilitation, Chris wanted to challenge himself. He came across Spartan Race through an advertisement. Since then, he has completed multiple obstacle races, including a Spartan Ultra and Hurricane Heat.

In this episode of TheOCRPodcast, Chris shared his journey & experience with us! How he overcome both condition and more!

Introduction – Summary

[0:55] Justin: Hi Chris, thanks for coming on today’s podcast. Why don’t you introduce yourself to the audience?

[1:07] Chris: I’ve been in Singapore for 10 years and I started doing the Spartan race after I completely tear my ACL. After 2 years of physio, I wanted to prove to myself that my knees were fine. So after watching videos of people running in the mud, I decided to sign up. My first race was a sprint in Iskandar, Johor back in 2017, and I was already wearing a Japanese headband for that race.

[1:55] Justin: For those of you who don’t know Chris. He’s quite known for dressing up for Spartan races. For example, he dresses up as Professor X from Powerpuff girl in the recent Bukit Timah Spartan race in Singapore.

[3:00] Chris: So there was a Spartan race in Italy and my friends ask me to dress up as Pikachu. So I did and basically, Pikachu turns brown at the end of the race.


Coach Justin

- Certified Personal Trainer | Obstacle Racing Specialist | Sports Science <3

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